Student Organizations

Student organizations provide opportunities for public speaking

Student organizations provide great opportunities for students to develop leadership, team building, and organizational skills. Guest speakers from business and industry help students learn from experts in their fields and develop professional contacts.

For many employers, they want to know what you have accomplished beyond the classroom.  They want to hire leaders. They want people who know how to work with others and get things done. Getting involved in student organizations is a wonderful way start building your résumé.

Student Organizations within the Department OF INDUSTRIAL STUDIES

The following student organizations are sponsored by the Department of Industrial Studies.  Anybody can participate and become members of these organizations—whether you are a major/minor in the department or not.

Other Student Organizations on Campus

There are other organizations which are sponsored by other departments across campus.  These organizations may also be of interest to industrial studies students.

Other Professional Organizations Off-Campus

Depending on a student's particular professional interest, there may not be a student organization on campus. These organizations and professional associations are not available on-campus but still may be of interest to Industrial Studies students.

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