Programs of Study


Students can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology management (ITM) within four different emphasis areas:

Concrete core slabs being off-loaded from a semi-truck flatbed by a crane and putting them into place as wall panel on a new manufacturing building.

Building Construction Management (BCM)

This program of study prepares students for careers as managers, supervisors, estimators, and schedulers in the world of building construction. Many of the ITM/BCM majors also earn minors in business administration and occupational safety, even though it is not required by the department.

Re-bars and other building materials stored on a building site.

Building Construction Safety Management (BCSM)

This area is a blend of building construction and construction safety management techniques. A student earning an ITM/BCSM degree can not only perform the same functions as an ITM/BCM major, but additionally they may operate as safety managers and directors. On a large number of commercial building construction projects, at least one full-time safety manager is required to be on the job site at all times, thus continually generating a need for the additional safety management certification.

Students pouring molten cast iron into a sand mold.

Manufacturing Technology Management (MTM)

This particular area of study prepares students to become supervisors and managers in manufacturing and industry.

A crane being used to pick and place roof trusses.

Occupational Safety Management (OSM)

Our graduates in ITM/OSM have attained careers as leading safety managers, safety supervisors, loss-control managers, and risk-managers for business, industry, manufacturing, insurance, and government agencies.

Technology Education Degree

Our two programs prepare students to become knowledgeable professionals within their fields and teach at elementary and secondary levels of education.

Technology Education students showing Chancellor Shields the cornhole game board that they designed and manufactured.

Technology Education

This degree program enables our graduates to obtain their State Department of Education license, which qualifies them to seek employment as Technology Education teachers.

Agricultural and industrial TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION

Our dual-certification degree is a combination of both the Agricultural Education major and the Technology Education major. It prepares students to obtain their State Department of Education license on the path to becoming a Technology Education teacher and/or an Agricultural Education teacher. This program of study is jointly provided by the Department of Industrial Studies and the School of Agriculture.



The industrial technology management degree is accredited by the Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering.

Wisconsin DPI

Wisconsin DPI

Both education degrees meet the teacher licensing requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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