Industrial Studies: Common Pitfalls for Internships

Common Pitfalls
  1. Failing to fill out the yellow highlighted fields completely and accurately on the Approval and Agreement Form.  If dates and hours worked are not accurate, the form will be dumped back in your lap to fix.  You will not be officially registered for as long as the problems remain.  Federal law requires that the Registrar verifies part time vs full time status of students in order to qualify for financial aid.  Whether you get financial aid or not, do it right the first time.  The clerks are not going to look up whether you get financial aid or not, they just verify the info on the form.
  2. Failing to register for your internship in PASS before the deadlines.  See the Academic Calendar as published by the Registrar for the various deadlines.
  3. Failing to register for the correct number of internship credits in PASS.  The default is 1, but most interns are taking 3 or more credits.
  4. Failing to submit your forms, weekly reports, employer evaluations, and final reports to the D2L dropboxes.  Submitting them to your advisor is not the final step.  These are not official until they are in the D2L dropboxes.
  5. Failing to ask questions when in doubt concerning any of the details about the internship.  Your academic adviser can help you find the answers.  You must ask. He cannot read your mind.
  6. Failing to make sure you have enough credits for graduation, enough credits for technical electives, and/or at least 42 credits of 3000 or higher courses.  You must take 3 credits of internship to graduate.  Any extra internship credits can be used to fulfill any or all of these three credit requirements.  Once the internship is started or completed, there is no way to get credit retroactively!
  7. Failing to get all the paperwork done before the end of the semester--that means the week before finals week.  Once finals begin, faculty seclude themselves to finish their grading.  Most faculty are on nine-month contracts. Once the semester is over, they are gone!  Many will not check their UWP email or be in the office until the start of the next semester.  If you don't have things done in time, you may have to wait until the next semester or redo your internship the following summer.
  8. Make sure you pay all the tuition for all your intern credits at the beginning of the term.  Waiting until later may result in a bureaucratic nightmare for you.

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