Finding an Internship

The student is responsible for finding and applying for internship positions.  His/her academic advisor, professors, and the Internship Coordinator are also available for assistance.  The student has a variety of sources to draw upon: 

  1. contacts made with employer representatives during the Career Fair and campus recruitment visits,
  2. contacts made through membership in the various undergraduate clubs & professional organizations,
  3. contacts made through professional associations,
  4. job postings by the UW-P Career Center—paper postings and electronic postings on the Pioneer Career Network,
  5. job postings that are announced in classes and placed on the bulletin board located in the  4th floor lobby of Pioneer Tower,
  6. listing of previous Industrial Studies internships placed in 3-ring notebook located in the 4th floor lobby of Pioneer Tower,
  7. previous or current employers,
  8. fellow students who have already interned, and
  9. contacts through family and friends.

Seeking, applying for, and obtaining employment are professional skills which students need to learn.  The student should not go about this blindly. The student should visit with his/her academic advisor in the year prior to when the internship will be taken.   The Career Center also offers zero-cost workshops on interviewing, writing resumes and other job-seeking skills. 

It will not be acceptable for a student to have a relative as a supervisor or superior for obvious reasons.  Nor is it recommended that a student seek an internship experience in a family-owned or -operated company. 

The Department of Industrial Studies and the University are under no obligation to provide employment for the student.  In fact, most students would not be happy if an internship were assigned to them.  

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