Faculty and Staff

Full Time Faculty

Mr. Mark Albers, Associate Professor
Building Construction Management, Building Materials, Construction Administration, Construction Lab, Commercial
415 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1154          
E-mail: albers@uwplatt.edu

Dr. Bandara Gamini

Dr. Bandara Gamini. Assistant Professor
Electronics, Controls, and Robotics
408 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1532         
E-mail: gaminib@uwplatt.edu

Mr. David Heimerdinger, Lecturer
Power Systems, Fluid Power, Advisor for Supply Chain Management Distance Education Program
406 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1380          
E-mail: heimerdd@uwplatt.edu

Dr. Colleen Kaiser

Dr. Colleen Kaiser, Professor
CAD, Production Management
411 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1159         
E-mail: kaiserc@uwplatt.edu

Mr. John LaFay

Mr. John LaFay, Lecturer
 Manufacturing Management, Product Controls, Production Planning, Safety, Work Measurement
413 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1618          
E-mail: lafayj@uwplatt.edu
More info: Personal Bio

Sangwook (Sam) Lee, Assistant Professor
Building Construction Management, Estiminating, Construction Administration
417 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608-342-1145
E-mail: leesang@uwplatt.edu


Ms. Julie Loeffelholtz, Lecturer
Occupational Safety
407 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608-342-1115
E-mail: loeffelholju@uwplatt.edu

Kyle Metzloff

Dr. Kyle Metzloff, Professor
420 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1142          
E-mail: metzlofk@uwplatt.edu

Mr. Mark Miner, Assistant Professor
Building Construction Safety, Occupational Safety
416 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1141
E-mail: minerm@uwplatt.edu

Mr. Eric Rimel, Assistant Professor
3D Drafting for Manufacturing (SolidWorks), Wood Technology, Metal Technology
422 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1594          
E-mail: rimele@uwplatt.edu

Warner Smidt

Dr. Warner Smidt, Professor
Building Construction Management, Drafting and CAD, CPM and Scheduling, 3D Modeling of Buildings (Revit)
412 Pioneer Tower          
Tel: 608.342.1604       
E-mail: smidt@uwplatt.edu
More info: Personal BioPersonal Webpage

Mr. Travis Sossaman, Assistant Professor
421 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1120
E-mail: sossamant@uwplatt.edu

Dr. Frank Steck, Professor, Department Chair
Technology Education, Wood Technology, STEM
409 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1246          
E-mail: steck@uwplatt.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Don Moen, Lecturer
Construction Safety
E-mail: moendo@uwplatt.edu

Mr. Scott Swan, Lecturer
3D Drafting and Manufacturing (Solidworks)
E-mail: swanma@uwplatt.edu

Mr. Marty White, Lecturer
Leadership and Training
E-mail: whitema@uwplatt.edu


Cheryl Bockhop

Ms. Cheryl Bockhop
Departmental Administrative Assistant
418 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1340        
E-mail: bockhopc@uwplatt.edu

Henry Frear

Mr. Henry Frear
Lab Manager
Metals Lab, Russell Hall
E-mail: frearh@uwplatt.edu


Ms. Mindy Freiburger
Purchasing Assistant    
E-mail: freiburgerm@uwplatt.edu

Student Office Assistants

Ms. Marlee Bonham
Student Office Assistant



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