Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab

One concern of IEs is to improve manufacturing operations in order to make them more efficient and more economical.  Often it is appropriate to use automation and robotics to perform tasks that are repetitive or may cause injury to a person.  This laboratory provides hands-on experience in the use of automation and robotics.

Human Performance and Work Measurement Lab

Design of work and the work environment is one aspect of industrial engineering.  Production tasks and equipment must be designed to accommodate the physical and cognitive capabilities of people and to avoid placing undue stress to the worker.  This lab includes many devices that allow the student to study human capability at work and to time tasks in order to compare performance using different job methods.  The lab is used primarily in ergonomics and work design courses.

Industrial Systems Design Lab

This lab contains state of the art computers with two laser printers and a plotter.  The IE computer lab has a variety of software packages, including MS-office, MINITAB, AutoCAD, AutoMod, Solid Works, Micro Tech CNC-simulator, and many specific industrial engineering application packages.

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