March is App Month @ICET

March 1, 2014

iPhone You see them everywhere. Mobile devices are more prevalent than ever before, and their numbers continue to grow. Although smartphones aren't exactly a college essential, many students would argue otherwise. Many who forego the ongoing monthly cost of instantaneous, always-there Internet access, have other types of mobile devices. Mobile tablets and other WiFi enabled devices have price points that make them affordable to the masses. All of these device types are ubiquitous in academic settings.

The mobile device revolution brought a new word to our vocabulary - the "app". Apps are self-contained programs or pieces of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose. They're usually associated with smartphones or tablets, but there are online apps that can be accessed with traditional computers.

There are many apps that benefit the teaching and learning process in higher education, including things like organization and time management that can increase productivity. During the month of March, ICET will be posting reviews of various apps that could benefit both instructors and students. In addition to our description of the app, we'll provide some ideas of how it may be used in our UW-Platteville academic setting.

If you have a suggestion for an app you'd like to have ICET review this month, add it to the comments below, and then join in the conversation as "App Month" begins.

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