Desire2Learn Update: Documents Not Showing

January 23, 2014

We have some positive progress to announce on the issues with the inline Document Viewer.

Two major document viewer issues have affected users since the 10.1 upgrade.

  1. Files not previously rendered for display by the 10.1 Document Viewer could load very slowly until rendering completed.
  2. Some documents load quickly but display an error icon.

For the first issue, we are pleased to announce that configuration changes appear to have addressed the issue preventing documents from rendering/loading quickly. At this time, files are generally rendering and loading within a few seconds in our testing. Although risk remains that the issue may re-emerge, we believe the issue is under control since these changes were applied.

The second issue has also been corrected. D2L was able to identify the specific documents affected by this condition and applied a fix to allow them to be correctly re-rendered. All such documents are now in a state where the next attempt to access them will result in them being re-rendered correctly.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.  If you experience a problem with Desire2Learn, please contact your respective support desk:

  • Campus: ITS Help Desk at or 608.342.1400
  • Distance Learning Center: DLC Help Desk at

Dale Johnson

Site Administrator, Desire2Learn

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