Desire2Learn - Documents Fail to Load

January 21, 2014

This document describes a problem with using the inline Document Viewer since the 1/16/14 upgrade to version 10.1 SP13

Following the upgrade to version 10.1 SP13 on 1/16/14, many users have experienced that the Inline Document Viewer is not loading documents as expected. The problem affects documents in Content, Dropbox, and other tools. Documents may eventually load after several minutes.

As a workaround, documents can be downloaded rather than viewed in the inline Document Viewer.

The vendor, D2L, has investigated the issue and has provided the following information:

A new D2L Document Viewer version was introduced in version 10.1. If a file has not previously been rendered by the new 10.1 Document Viewer, a D2L application service must render and cache the file for display. The issues observed immediately following the upgrade were a result of a large backlog of queued files waiting to be rendered for viewing. Until the rendering is completed, the "loading" indicator will persist.

The backlog/queue following the upgrade has been processed. However, the risk remains that when a large number of files that have not yet been rendered are newly viewed (for example during the first day of the semester), a queue will build up again.

The Learn@UW service will continue to work with D2L to determine what additional options may exist to correct this important issue or mitigate the impact.

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