Deleting Content In Desire2Learn 10.1

February 10, 2014

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In the new Desire2Learn 10.1 Content area, it is possible to add files, dropboxes, discussion forums and other links directly in the Content View. This is, indeed, a timesaver when putting a course together.

For instance, a Dropbox can be added directly in the module and topic area where other readings and assignments are listed. The Dropbox created in Content can be thought of as a pointer or shortcut that links to the "real Dropbox" that is created in the Dropbox section. Creating a Dropbox in Content establishes both the new Dropbox and the pointer.

Dropboxes (and other content created in Content) can be edited and deleted from the content area. It is with deleting content, that users must pause to read the warning that appears when they choose Delete Topic.

deleting content screenshot


To just remove the pointer or shortcut to a Dropbox (or other content topic), but leave the Dropbox and any student work in the course shell, select "Remove everything from Content but keep all associated files and activities."



Choosing the alternate selection, "Delete everything, including all associated files and activities," will not only remove the Dropbox shortcut in content, but the Dropbox itself and all of the student submissions that may already be in it.

The warning box appears every time you may potentially delete both a pointer and the actual tool created in Desire2Learn. It is a good idea to pause each time and think about what exactly you want to delete.

If you have any questions about the new version of Desire2Learn, don't hesitate to contact the team at ICET.

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