March 3, 2014

Desire2Learn has a new feature, the Bookmark feature, available to both instructors and students that creates a little more personalization to each person's Desire2Learn page. This tool allows users to sort or "set aside" items from the content area of a course for easy finding. The bookmarks serve as a separate "module" of content items that you pull out as being the most important or valuable to you. For example, a student might bookmark an article that he or she finds interesting or that they will use throughout the entire course (such as a document on professional ethics). While this feature is available to instructors as well, it may prove to be more useful to students who are not familiar with where the content is located. Keep in mind that the bookmark tool is an individualized list that can only be viewed by the person creating it. There are no sharing capabilities.

Below are a couple tips/tricks to using the feature:

  • while bookmarks cannot be shared with others, a list of the titles can be printed
  • bookmarks can easily be removed after being added
  • bookmarks for each course will appear on the homepage as soon as you click into the course

Bookmarks feature in Content

For more detailed information on using Bookmarks, check out ICET QuickGuide: Bookmarks.

For questions or assistance, contact ICET at 342-1792 or

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