Blackboard Collaborate (Online Rooms) as a Teaching Tool

April 21, 2014

Every Desire2Learn course shell has a versatile collaboration tool that has a number of uses in teaching and learning. Online Rooms (the moniker for Blackboard Collaborate in Desire2Learn).

Maggie McDermott and Kristin Koepke discussed some of those uses in a presentation at the recent LTDC Virtual Conference. Listen to this archive of their presentation for some tips on how the tool can be used and best practice suggestions

Books and notes

They present a case study of using Online Rooms for an Exam Review Session the night before a midterm in an upper level marketing class. The day of the session students can post their "muddiest points" up to 3 hours prior to the review session.

Then around 8 PM, everyone (instructor included) joins the virtual session from home or another comfortable location and review for the exam. This type of review session has some great perks for students who are not able to meet at the appointed time. The archive of the session is available for review (almost) immediately. So, students can replay the session when they are available to study.

A second case study looks at using Online Rooms for group collaborative spaces. McDermoot and Koepke discuss the pros and cons, lessons learned and other uses for this versatile tool. 

After reviewing this presentation, if you'd like to talk about how you might use Online Rooms in your UW-Platteville course, contact us at ICET. We can get provide the support you need to get started with Online Rooms.

Contact ICET by Phone 608-342-1792 or Email icet@UWPLATT.EDU

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