App Month: myHomework Student Planner

March 18, 2014

During March 2014, ICET will be sharing reviews of apps and online tools for teaching and learning. 

myHomework student planner

Organizing and staying on top of various homework assignments and class schedules is just one of the daunting tasks of adjusting to college life. 

Technology is a great companion to assist students of all ages in achieving this task. The myHomework Student Planner app provides a clean interface and design, allowing users to create class schedules, record and complete homework assignments, and create reminders.

  • Class schedules can be added including information about the teacher, building number, and start and end date. 
  • Homework assignments can be added including information about the due date, due time, priorities, and reminders.


Beyond the basic function of keeping track of class times and homework assignments, there are several other benefits to the app:

  • Help students stay organized, with everything in one location.
  • Reduce procrastination by setting reminders hours, days, or weeks before assignments are due.
  • Reminders also reduce the number of late or forgotten assignments.
  • Great companion for busy, on-the-go college students who want to be able to look ahead.
  • Ability to sync data with all available devices to potentially access from anywhere.

myHomework Student Planner is a free tool, with easy and appealing functionality.

myHomework Student Planner can be used in conjunction with Desire2Learn. If instructors are using Desire2Learn to post the syllabus at the beginning of the semester, students can immediately take all the assigment information and put it into the app.

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PLATFORM: myHomework Student Planner is a cross-platform app available for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows 8, kindle, and can be accessed on the web at


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