App Month:

March 31, 2014

During March 2014, ICET will be sharing reviews of apps and online tools for teaching and learning.

Sharing files and ideas is critical in this information age. On any given topic, there is more content available than any one person can review and manage on their own. Everyone has bookmarked a website with intentions to return later to really take a good look at it. We've all saved a handful of "relevant" articles in a folder knowing that when we got a chance to read them, we'd be back. That same bookmark or folder then gets pushed to the bottom of a list or saved on a desktop loaded with other similar folders...and ultimately that content is lost until the next time we uncover it.

Enter is a visual collaboration platform that allows web content and documents to be stored visually as murals that created online. Each mural (or room) can be shared with a specified group of collaborators where all can upload documents, post web sites, and comment on the information posted.

The free version of allows up to 2 murals, 1 room and 50 collaborators. The premium version gives unlimited rooms, murals and collaborators to create the equivalent of a visual shared drive with communication features.

Screenshot of directory


Zoom-in of part of a mural (see bottom right corner to get perspective of how much of mural is visible)

Two features of stand out. First is how easy it is to use. Copy and paste a web site URL and the front page of the web site shows up as an image with a title large enough to read. Drag and drop pictures or files from your computer desktop or folder locations.  The second great thing about this collaborative tool is that it is possible to pick and choose what you share and what you keep private. This way you can put your work and personal worlds in a fun, creative space.

I rarely pay a premium price for a web app, but after a few months of using for both work and personal projects, I knew that this would be $10 per month well spent.

PLATFORM: is a web app with both free and premium versions.

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