App Month: Bitly

March 4, 2014

During March 2014, ICET will be sharing reviews of apps and online tools for teaching and learning. 


The bitly claim to fame is as a URL shortener. Have a long URL with a lot of characters to type? Point your web browser to and use this online tool to create a shortlink (i.e.

bitly logo A URL shortlink is easier to share and takes less space (important when character space is at a premium). Unless the URL name is meaningful and free of non-alphabetic symbols, using a shortlink contributes to an uncluttered content presentation.

Sign-up for a free account on bitly and gain access to more than the URL shortener. Store websites collected from around the Internet in an online bookmarking service to share with friends or allow full public access. These links, which can be used on websites, emails, and other venues, are tracked by the bitly system.

It is free to sign up for a bitly account. Sign up on the bitly homepage using your email address, Facebook account or Twitter account.

With an account, when you paste a link to shorten on the bitly homepage, it is automatically for you. You have the option to share the shortlink with others via Facebook, Twitter or email. Take your URL curation process one step further by adding notes to the bitly link or gathering multiple links to a bundle. 

Bundles allow the organization of many "related"  links on one page that can be easily shared through a single link. Bundles can be made for individual use or collaborate with a group by inviting others who can bundle links with you. Bundles can be public or private. This bitly feature is a great way to collaborate, organize, and share.

The bitly URL shortlink can make links shared in news items or on content pages a  bit more readable.

Suggest students use the bitly bundle process for group (or individual) Internet research. The link to the bundle can be shared by students in a discussion forum post that provides an overaching summary of the linked pages.

D2L logo

PLATFORM: Any device with an Internet connection including PC, MAC, and mobile devices; Android and iOS apps are available as well


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