Wage Guidelines

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Student Employment WAGE GUIDELINES

Classification Levels and Wage Guidelines

The hourly wage for student employees ranges from $7.25-$12.00 per hour.  It is the responsibility of the hiring department to ensure that students are paid equitably for the same level of work. In order to ensure that this is the case, departments should:

  • Develop and utilize job titles and description of duties for all student employees. The following Classification Levels will serve as guidance to hiring managers when establishing the level.  Departments will base wages on their budget.
  • Determine a starting wage for all student positions. The department has the authority to establish the starting hourly wage within the range of pay for each of the Classification Levels. However, it is important that the starting hourly wage be consistent for all students hired by the department within each Classification Level.
  • Develop a fair and consistent departmental policy on raises/pay increases.
  • Maintain records and be able to justify that starting wages and raises are done in a manner that is fair and equitable for all student employees.
  • When requested by Human Resources, provide documentation demonstrating that the department maintains fair and equitable practices in their payment of all student employees.
Level I (General)

Starting hourly wage range: $7.25-$9.00

  • Work performed under supervision with assistance readily available
  • Limited independent decision making
  • Work is routine and not complex
  • Duties are performed independently after training

Examples of Level I work

  • Library assistant
  • Office assistant
  • Food service
Level II (Intermediate)

Starting hourly wage range:  $8.00-$10.50

  • Introductory supervisor duties
  • Relevant job related skills or training and/or prior experience necessary
  • Work is more complex and duties change daily
  • Independent work is expected within limits

Examples of Level II work

  • Web development
  • ITS student developers
  • Dining student manager
Level III (Specialized)

Starting hourly wage range:  $9.50-$12.00

  • Leads/supervises others
  • Advanced level of skills, training and/or job related experience
  • Work independently
  • High level of problem solving and decision making skills

Examples of Level III work

  • Graduate work
  • Student Supervisor

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