Title and Total Compensation [T & TC] Study Update

July 26, 2017


Title and Total Compensation Study [T&TC]

The design and study strategy for the T&TC have been completed by Mercer and now we are entering into Phase 2. This means preparation is now underway to map positions to the job/titling framework, update job descriptions and/or create job descriptions. The time is now for volunteers to be part of the planning team to refine the framework and help with the campus communication.

For reference, the building blocks of a job framework are as follows:
Job Framework describes a process for organizing jobs based on similar work – it does not necessarily identify the reporting structure. It is considered best practice to develop and implement a common job framework that can be used across the entire organization for all UW-System institutions.

There are several benefits for this type of a study. For employees, a job/title framework is for organizing jobs for pay and classification purposes. It can also be a foundation for understanding future career progressions. For human resources, it facilitates benchmarking; job classification; workforce planning, and analysis. A job framework also benefits managers [supervisors] because it is easier to communicate how jobs are assigned within a pay structure, based on responsibilities and position requirements. For the System and the institutions, it provides an overarching structure with guiding principles for the organization of jobs as well as consistency. Given the structure of a job framework, this will help everyone understand various career paths for their own professional development as well as transparency.
The title and total compensation study is of significant value to all of the institutions, which moves the entire system into the 21st century. If you are interested in serving on a committee for the T&TC study, please send your name and email to crowleyja@uwplatt.edu or buswellc@uwplatt.edu.

Please keep in mind, the purpose of this study is to:
• Align job titles;
• Enable a more accurate picture of how jobs and job titles align with market;
• Will support current and future planning;
• Is Focused on positions, and
• The process will be transparent.

The study is not:
• A staffing adjustment or a reduction of positions;
• Will not reduce employees current salaries, and
• It is not an equity analysis.

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