Title and Total Compensation Study [T&TC]

September 5, 2017


On August 24th, the Chief Human Resource Officers and the Human Resources Directors of the UW System met to review and discuss job family and sub-family positions across all institutions as the UW System continues with the Title and Total Compensation Study [exclusion of UW-Madison]. At this time, the study is now entering Phase II, which begins the heavy lifting from human resources.

Historically, the UW System has created job descriptions more in line with individual skills; however, the trend is moving towards position descriptions, with a more functional approach. Why is Mercer and UW System taking so much time in reviewing job family, sub-family and position descriptions? Currently it is very difficult to go to market and do a comparative analysis for positions; likewise, it is difficult to identify gaps. During this phase of the study, faculty and teaching staff are not included, because there are options to compare positions data.

Again, it has been more than thirty years since a true comparative review of positions was completed and with more than 1,800 Hayes-Hill titles, and an exorbitant amount of working titles for approximately 40,000 employees, it is easy to understand the complexity. As we move into Phase II of the project, in reviewing current and new position descriptions, the challenge will be to identify commons skills, expertise and responsibilities and then consolidate and integrate work fundamentals and career paths. This review will look at how the position contributes to the operational plan of the institution; division; college, or major functional area; what is the complexity; what is the management and/or leadership magnitude, and what is required in practical knowledge, level of education and the minimum work equivalence. 

The first UW-Platteville “project team” meeting will be held on Thursday, September 14th at 10:00 AM. As the project moves forward, subject matter experts will be invited join the project team from time-to-time to assist with the study. Please watch for more articles in the HR newsletter “For Pete’s Sake” and updates will be shared with governance groups now that everyone is back for the new academic year.

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