2016 Re-affirmation of Accreditation Steering Committee Members

Barb Barnet

Barbara barnet, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor, Department of Mathematics

Telephone: 608-342-1942  Email: barnetb@uwplatt.edu

Dominic Barraclough

Dominic Barraclough, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies and Special Projects

Telephone: 608-342-1262   E-mail:  barracld@uwplatt.edu

Laura Bayless

Laura Bayless, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Telephone: 608-342-1854   E-mail: baylessl@uwplatt.edu


Christina Curras

Christina Curras, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Services, College of Engineering, Science and Mathematics

Chair,  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Telephone: 608-342-1544  E-mail: currasc@uwplatt.edu


Dawn Drake

Dawn Drake, M.B.A.

Executive Director of Alternative Delivery Systems

Telephone: 608-342-1020  Email: drake@uwplatt.edu

Shane Drefcinski

Shane Drefcinski, Ph.D. 

Director of General Education

Professor, Department of Humanities/Philosophy

Telephone: 608-342-1828  Email: drefcins@uwplatt.edu


Les Hollingsworth

Les HOllingsworth, M.B.A.

Assistant Dean for Faculty and Staff Services, College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture

Assistant Professor, School of Business

Telephone: 608-342-6109  Email: hollingsworl@uwplatt.edu


Sharon Klavins

Sharon Klavins, Ph.D.

Chair, Re-affirmation of Affirmation Steering Commitee

Professor, Department of Biology

Telephone: 608-342-1772  E-mail: klavinss@uwplatt.edu

Tara Krueger

Tara Krueger

Senior Outreach Specialist, Distance Learning Center

Telephone: 608-342-1468  Email: kruegerta@uwplatt.edu

Colleen McCabe

Colleen McCabe, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance

Telephone: 608-342-1796  Email: mccabec@uwplatt.edu

Jodi McDermott

Jodi McDermott, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Services, College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture

Telephone: 608-342-1366  Email: mcdermoj@uwplatt.edu

Cathy Riedl-Farrey

Cathy Riedl-Farrey

Director of Financial Services

Telephone: 608-342-1435  Email: riedlfac@uwplatt.edu

Chanaka Mendis

Chanaka Mendis, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Faculty and Staff Services, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Professor, Chemistry

Telephone: 608-342-1692  Email: mendisc@uwplatt.edu

Alison Parkins

Content Manager, University Information and Communications

Telephone: 608-342-1526  Email: parkinsal@uwplatt.edu

James Romesburg

James Romesburg, Ph.D.

Director, English Composition

Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities/English

Telephone:               Email: romesburgj@uwplatt.edu

Kory Wein

Kory Wein, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Education

Executive Director, Confucius Institute

Telephone: 608-342-1925  Email: weink@uwplatt.edu


Joanne Wilson, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Telephone: 608-342-1262  Email: wilsonj@uwplatt.edu

Criterion Teams

Criterion Teams

Team 1

Chair Jodi McDermott Assistant Dean BILSA
Michael Breitner  Interim Director of Event Services
Wendy Brooke  BILSA; University International Education Committee
Janelle Crowley  Director, Human Resources Department and Affirmative Action
Linda Mulroy-Bowden  Director, Residence Life; Student Health Care Committee
Tim Zauche  Program Coordinator of Sustainability & Renewable Energy Systems
Joe Sigwarth  Student Representative

Team 2

Chair Cathy Riedl-Farrey, Director Financial Services
Patrick R Fitzsimons  Internal Auditor
Kia M Hendrickson  Assistant Director; Pioneer Academic and Transitional Help
Mary C Nevins  Student Affairs
Scott A White  Distance Education

Team 3

Chair Barb Barnet  EMS; Chair, Math Department; Campus Planning Commission; Institutional Review Board for Subject Research
Donna Anderson  Director, International Programs
Deirdre Dalsing  Counseling Services
Shane Drefcinski  LAE; Director of General Education
Lisa M Landgraf  Director, ICET
Francis X Steck  BILSA; Chair, Industrial Studies
Irfan UI-Haq  EMS; Teaching and Learning Center; Faculty Senate
Kory Wein  LAE; Associate Dean; Executive Director, Confucius Institute
Les Hollingsworth  Associate Dean, BILSA; Academic Standards Committee; University Academic Budget Commission

Team 4

Co-Chair Colleen McCabe  LAE; Chair, Health and Human Performance Department
Co-Chair  Laura Bayless  Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs
Kevin Bernhardt  PACCE
Wendy S Stankovich  BILSA; Academic Staff Representative
Susan L Hansen  BILSA; Director, School of Business; University Rank, Salary & Tenure Policy Commission; University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission
Angela M Miller  Director, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
James Romesburg  LAE; Director of Freshman Composition

Team 5

Chair Christina Curras  EMS; Assistant Dean of Student Services, Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michael Compton  BILSA; Director, School of Agriculture; Faculty Senate
Kathryn J Curry  Budget Office
Douglas W Stephens  Campus Planning
Nettie Daniels  Executive Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, OIEA


Federal Compliance

Federal Compliance

Federal Compliance Team

Dawn Drake  Chair; Executive Director of Alternative Delivery Systems
Sherry Nevins  Dean of Students
David Kieckhafer  Registrar
Victoria Livingston  Coordinator, Co-Curricular Assessment and Program Review Division of Student Affairs
Sheila R. Trotter  Associate Director of Financial Aid
Heidi Tuescher-Gille  Admissions
Denise LaBudda  Distance Education
Laura Franklin  Director, Student Support Services


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