What is the cost to use Student Health Services, how do I pay if there is a fee for services and is my insurance filed?

Office visits and some procedures at Student Health Services (SHS) are covered under the segregated fees, which are included in your tuition. There may be minimal charges for some services/supplies which can be paid by check, cash, or billed to the cashiers office. SHS does not file with your health insurance, but you may file a claim with your insurance for reimbursement.    See our Fees page.

What hours are you open?

See our Hours page.

What do I do in the case of an emergency?

If this is an immediate emergency, dial 911. To determine if this is an emergency you may contact Student Health Services at 608.342.1891 and speak to a nurse during business hours or contact/go to the nearest urgent care.

Where can I go for health care when you are closed?

See our Local Hospitals and Clinics.

Does Student Health Services offer Sports Physicals?

SHS does not perform sports physicals due to specific evaluation requirements.  SHS does perform physicals for study abroad, student teaching, CNA exams and other physical exams. 

Are certain immunizations or a health physical required for admittance to UW-Platteville?

No. UW–Platteville does not have specific immunization or physical exam requirements, but SHS strongly recommends that all entering college students be up-to-date on certain immunizations. See our immunization page.

Does Student Health Services administer Allergy Injections?

Yes, Student Health Services does administer Allergy Injuctions during the fall and spring academic semesters.  Please call our office to discuss setting up your allergy shot schedule.  

Can I come to Student Health Services after I graduate?

Students are no longer eligible for services after graduation, however appointments can be made to transfer medical care to another provider and prescriptions can be extended until another provider is established.

Can I come to Student Health Services during the summer if I am not enrolled in the summer sessions.

Yes, if you completed the spring semester and are enrolled in classes for the fall semester, you can use SHS during the summer. Office hours are available on a limited basis.  Please call 608.342.1891 for an appointment.

Do I need an appointment to be seen at Student Health Services?

Yes, we recommend you call ahead for an appointment at 608.342.1891. Walk-ins will be seen in urgent situations or only if availability permits.

Can I get my prescription filled at Student Health Services?

SHS carries a limited amount of prescription medications. Some medications may be filled at SHS for a minimal fee.  Outside presciptions need to be filled at a pharmacy. 

Where is the closest pharmacy?

See our Local Pharmacies page.

What if I need lab work ordered by my hometown provider?

Courtesy labs are available with orders from your Primary Care Physician.  Lab draws can be done at Student Health Services and sent to the local hospital lab.The hospital will fax results to your provider.   The cost of these labs will be billed to your insurance by the hospital or can be self pay.  Please call Student Health Services at 608.342.1891 to make an appointment for lab draws. 

What if I need lab work or an X-ray that is not provided by Student Health Services?

X-rays are not available at Student Health Services. Limited labs are available in-house. If  x-rays or more extensive lab is required, they can be ordered by your provider and done at Southwest Health Center. The cost of x-ray or lab will be billed to your insurance by Southwest Health Center or can be self pay.

Do you give immunizations and TB tests?

Student Health Services can administer tetanus (Td), tetanus/pertussis (Tdap) and Hepatitis B vaccinations. TB testing and seasonal flu shots are also available. For other immunizations and/or travel immunizations check with your provider or a local clinic.   

Does Student Health Services test for sexually transmitted infectons?

Yes, SHS provides screening, diagnosis, and treatment for  sexually transmitted infectons (STI), including HIV testing. Counseling on HIV and STI prevention and risk reduction is also provided.

Does Student Health Services offer birth control and what do I need to do to get birth control.

Yes, SHS offers many options for birth control. Please call SHS for an appointment.

Student Health Services Confidentiality reusable


You are important to us. Your medical records are protected under state statutes. Health information, appointment information and medical records will not be released without your consent.

Student Health Services:Contact Info

Contact Information

Student Health Services (SHS)
1 University Plaza
200 Royce Hall
Platteville WI 53818

Tel: 608.342.1891
E-mail: uwpshs@uwplatt.edu

Please be advised that e-mail is not considered a secure form of communication; therefore confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if you forward information of an urgent nature. SHS staff only monitor and respond to e-mail during regular office hours.

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.-M,T, W,TH,F
Closed Wednesdays 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Office hours are available on a reduced basis during breaks, Winterim and Summer Sessions. Please call 608.342.1891 for an appointment.