Medical Excuse Policy

Care for your health

In accord with the Dean of Students Office, it is the policy of Student Health Services (SHS) not to provide students with excuses for short-term absences from class or missed deadlines due to illness, injury, or appointments. This policy helps SHS to direct its finite resources toward providing health care access for as many students as possible, rather than toward verification of short-term absences. It reflects our respect for students’ privacy and our educational mission to help them become mature and independent stewards of their own health care.  Routine excuses for absences creates an undesirable climate for health care and disempowers students. Responsibility for class attendance and for completion of assignments rests primarily with the student who assumes this responsibility by communicating directly with the faculty and staff. In the event of a prolonged illness or injury requiring medical attention and an absence of more than five days, we frequently work with students through short term disability. In determining the appropriateness of request for a medical excuse, several conditions are considered.

  1. The policy to not provide "excuses" for a single incident situation for missed classes, exams, etc. is based on the belief that faculty should be expected to treat students as adults and make decisions based on the student's explanation of absence. A student who has a medical reason which results in less than three days or absence from class should contact his/her professor by phone, e-mail, or in person, rather than requesting an excuse from a Student Health Services provider.
  2. The Student Health Services can provide a medical excuse note only if our providers are involved in the medical care of a student who must be absent from class for three or more days for medical reasons or if proper medical documentation exists from another provider or facility.
  3. The Student Health Services will notify professors collaboratively with the Dean of Students office on behalf of the student for extended absences due to illness or injury. In some situations verification of illness or injury may be required. We recognize that faculty seek equitable means of determining when to excuse student absences, and we believe this policy reinforces the students’ responsibility to communicate directly and proactively with faculty about conditions that interfere with their class attendance. We encourage students to speed their own recovery and to refrain from spreading infections such as colds and flu throughout the campus community by making mature decisions when they are too sick to attend class or go to work. And we appreciate the many ways in which faculty and other members of the campus community support and assist students during such absences.

Student Health Services:Contact Info

Contact Information

Student Health Services (SHS)
1 University Plaza
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Platteville WI 53818

Tel: 608.342.1891

Please be advised that e-mail is not considered a secure form of communication; therefore confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if you forward information of an urgent nature. SHS staff only monitor and respond to e-mail during regular office hours.

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.-M,T, W,TH,F
Closed Wednesdays 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Office hours are available on a reduced basis during breaks, Winterim and Summer Sessions. Please call 608.342.1891 for an appointment.