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This form will allow for a quick way to give a "shout-out" to a member of the Health and Human Performance Department faculty or staff.

Name of the individual in the Health and Human Performance Department you want to thank.
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If you could give them a reward or prize for their hard work and dedication, what do you think would be a fitting token of your appreciation.
If you would like the faculty member to know who is thanking them, please include your name in the text-box below and I will place it within the certificate they will receive.

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Contact Information

For information on the health and human performance degree plans, contact Delores Trumpy, the Academic Department Associate.

Delores Trumpy  

HHP Academic Department Associate

Office: 110 Williams Fieldhouse

1 University Plaza

Platteville, WI 53818-3099


Tel: 608.342.1573 Fax: 608.342.1073

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