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About Our Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance program is designed for those seeking to assist others in their health and physical fitness. Choose how this degree will suit your career goals with an emphasis in exercise science, health promotion-wellness, or physical education. Explore topics such as physiology of exercise, nutrition, Kinesiology, health promotion and education, fitness programming and prescription, physical education and more.


Internships will help you succeed in the field of health and human performance by providing you with innovative hands on experience across the state or the country. Some of our students have had the opportunity to intern at companies such as Grant Regional Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Services; the University of Wisconsin strength and conditioning; Stonehill Wellness in geriatrics; strength and conditioning coaching in Germany for the American Football Team Fürstenfeldbruck "Fursty" Razorbacks; and Health Solutions at Northrop Grumman Corporation and Get Fast Inc. in Chicago, Illinois.

Student Teaching

You will have the chance to student teach in your final semester if you have chosen the physical education emphasis. You will be able to student teach in local areas of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, or further away. You can also choose to travel abroad for your student teaching in countries such as Germany or England.

Focus areas: Exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning

Health Promotion-Wellness

Focus areas: Campus outreach initiatives, group fitness, nutrition and performance

Physical Education

Focus areas: Student teaching, adapted physical education, health lessons