Michelle Howard

Michelle Howard

University Fellow, Geography

Office: Gardner 
Tel: 608.342.7124
E-mail: howardmic@uwplatt.edu

PhD candidate – University of Idaho – Geography
M.S. 2010 – University of Idaho- Geography
MSW 1988 – University of Washington – Social Work
BSW 1982 – Eastern Washington University – Social Work

  • Current PhD research:  Fine scale sea surface temperature trend analysis as compared to global SST increases using 28 year AVHRR Pathfinder remote sensing data
  • Master’s research:  An evaluation of MODIS 250m imagery for mapping surface turbidity the Puget Sound


  • Remote Sensing
  • Human-Ocean Interactions
  • Sea Surface Temperature


  • Planet Earth – UW Platteville
  • Integrated Science: Ocean – Human Interactions – University of Idaho
  • Introduction to Physical Geography – University of Idaho
  • Hydrologic Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing – University of Idaho
  • Physical Geography Lab – University of Idaho
  • Remote Sensing/GIS Integration (Teaching Assistant) – University of Idaho
  • Human Geography (Teaching Assistant) – University of Idaho


  • Communicating Climate Science – 2013 Fellow (Dept. of Interior Northwest Climate Science Center)
  • STEM Education Research Project – Micron Corporation/University of Idaho
  • Multi-Beam Sea Acceptance Test (Observer) – RV Thompson Cruise TN255, University of WA
  • Puget Sound/Strait of Juan de Fuca surface water sampling and satellite coordination – University of WA


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