Japan Field Trip

Japan Field Trip

The Summer Field Seminar is built around the examination of the physical and cultural geography of Japan.  The trip is designed to cover various regions of Japan, examining physical and cultural differences and likenesses among outer regions and such well-known areas as Tokyo and Osaka.  Approximately 3-4 weeks of the trip will be held on the campus of IEC Kyushu Kokusai College in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto (near Nagasaki), Kyushu, and 3weeks will be spent using the rail system to travel between Hokkaido and Kyushu.  The field seminar provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct field studies and research on a variety of critical issues facing Japan's environment, culture and economy.  Students participating in the Summer Field Seminar Program will register in either a 1-3 hour course if they only participate in the rail tour portion of the trip, or a 6 hour course if they continue on to Yatsushiro.

Students will answer a set of essay questions pertaining to observations made along the way during the rail tour from Hokkaido to Kyushu, for the first part of the course.

In Yatsushiro, under faculty guidance each student will carry out a field-based research project from a variety of topics such as urban development, agricultural problems, migration, high-tech industries, environmental problems and natural hazards, culminating in a final written report for another 3 hours of credit. Students in the past have selected topics from fields such as urban development, land-use policy, migration, high-tech industries, environmental problems, westernization, impacts of automobiles, linquistic differences, rural depopulation, and natural hazards.  A topic developed prior to the trip allows for more efficient use of time as well as giving an advantage on grant applications. Students will have the rest of the summer to complete the requirements for  the courses.

Prior Japanese language study is not necessary.

This course may be used to fulfill the general education requirement in international education. If taken for less than 3 credits, other credits from other courses must be used to obtain the 3 credit total.

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