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One of the ways in which UW-Platteville assesses its general education program is through online surveys taken by both graduating seniors and instructors. Each semester, graduating seniors and instructors are asked to fill out an online survey.

The Graduate Survey taken by graduating seniors measures their opinions about general education. The survey lists each of the student learning outcomes for each of the competencies and liberal studies areas within general education, and it asks the graduating seniors to rank, on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), whether or not they believe those outcomes were met in their general education courses.

The Faculty Survey taken by instructors records which outcomes their courses assessed, the tools used to assess those outcomes, the results of their assessment measures, and (where appropriate) any changes they will make to their courses in order to address concerns identified by their assessment results.

Results of the Graduate Survey have already led to improvements in the general education program. For example, beginning in fall 2006, the University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission requires all syllabi of general education courses include the relevant student learning outcomes. In addition, instructors are encouraged to briefly explain, on the first day of class, the value of general education and the value of the relevant competency or liberal studies area.

The Faculty Survey will be used by departments and programs to demonstrate the quality of their general education courses. The results must not and will not be used to evaluate instructors. The main audiences of the survey results are internal faculty governance bodies (e.g., the Academic Planning Council and the Assessment Oversight Committee) and external accreditation organizations (e.g., the Higher Learning Commission).

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