General Education Requirements

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Students at work

A University of Wisconsin-Platteville education consists of two main components: the core curriculum commonly called general education and the academic major. The core curriculum provides a broad foundation of knowledge and skills; the academic major focuses on the knowledge and skills of a specific field. The overall goal is to empower graduates to live thoughtfully, concerned about their professional careers, as well as public issues that reach far beyond their professional circle, local community, or nation. More specifically, a rigorous University of Wisconsin-Platteville education in the arts and sciences enables students to:

  1. Apply their knowledge to recognize and solve a wide variety of problems
  2. Appreciate and create works of excellence
  3. Develop an informed perspective on national and international issues
  4. Participate ethically and wisely in a diverse society

These goals reflect the opening statement of the Select Mission in which the University of Wisconsin-Platteville pledges itself to: “enable each student to become broader in perspective, more literate, intellectually more astute, ethically more sensitive, and to participate more wisely in society as a competent professional and a knowledgeable citizen.”

See the General Education Program Requirements booklet here.