Pioneer Appeal Committee

Committee Members

Co-Chair: Caiti Droessler, Foundation
Co-Chair: Clint Nemitz, Distance Education
Vice Chair: Heather Faherty, Administrative Services
Secretary: Diana Blindert, UIC
Treasurer: Scott White, College of BILSA

Stephanie Belken, Alumni Services
Amy Crist, ITS
Kari Frederick, College of EMS
Katie Friar, Alumni Services
Anthony Isabell, Physical Plant
Roxanne Johanning, Continuing Education
Kara McCarville, Athletics
April McNett, Dining Services
Alison Parkins, UIC
Lisa Roh, Academic Affairs
Erin Steffen, Foundation
Gina Udelhofen, Foundation
Dan Wackershauser, UIC
Katie Weigel, UIC
Sara Whitaker, UIC

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