Fall River High School Fund

Breanne Kelly

The most recent recipient of the Fall River High School Fund Scholarship is Breanne Kelly. Read comments from Breanne below.

What are you most excited about starting or experiencing at UW-Platteville?

I'm most excited to start a whole new chapter in my life. I really want to experience being on my own, and working on my own schedule. This is an exciting new start and change for me. Some of the new things I'm ready to try is being a member of a club or group, meeting new people and forming new bonds that will last for a life time.

What interests and/or hobbies do you have?

I listen to music a majority of the time, and I really enjoy creating pottery and playing my bass guitar. And camping is another interest I really enjoy because being outside, away from the "modern world" gives one time to relax and enjoy something else besides computers and cell phones.

Breanne's Thank You Note

Thank you so much for this reward! You are helping me come one step closer to achieving an amazing education! I am really thankful and appreciate this gift. Again, thank you so much!

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