Edgar High School Fund

Sydney Holbach

The most recent recipient of the Edgar High School Fund Scholarship is Sydney Holbach. Read comments from Sydney below.

What are you most excited about starting or experiencing at UW-Platteville?

I cannot wait to start taking classes that are relevant to my future career. I am excited that I will get to use the CSI House for some of my classes. I also have the intention of playing softball while attending Platteville. I am excited to see how my knowledge and skills for the game improve.

What interests and/or hobbies do you have?

I am a very outgoing person. I have been playing sports since I can remember. During high school I participated in basketball and softball. I enjoy doing things with my family such as snowmobiling and boating/fishing. Over the past few years I began to take a big interest into the field of Criminal Justice. I think this came from all of the crime dramas that I watch on TV. I have chosen the forensic investigation field because I will get to do what interests me.

Sydney's Thank You Note

Thank you very much for this scholarship. It is greatly appreciated. I will make sure that it doesn't go to waste.  This will help pay for some of my tuition. I know that it is not necessary to give out scholarships, so I am very grateful for this. Once again, thank you for the scholarship.

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