French Minor

Advanced Conversation in French

What does the French Department Offer its Students?

Learning to Communicate

Language and culture are inseparable, and through French and its many expressions (literature, civilization, music, etc.) our students learn to communicate fluently and within a cultural context.

Advantages at UW-Platteville

The UW-Platteville French Program offers some striking advantages. Our students learn French in small conversation classes that immerse the student in the language and culture. Our language laboratory provides the students with modern electronic equipment which is a valuable aid in learning to speak and understand a foreign language. Our laboratory also serves as a library and it is open to students 30 hours a week. Very soon we shall add computerized and video lab stations to our current audio components.

Experienced Faculty

We have a qualified and experienced faculty, both native speakers and professors who, through extensive travel abroad and contact with the culture, have first-hand knowledge of the subject matter along with the best academic preparation and credentials. Our faculty employ the most progressive teaching methods, and we offer study abroad programs and travel abroad seminars in which students travel to France, Germany, Spain, and Spanish America while earning college credits.

Course Requirements

Our program offers a minor (24 credits). Immersion in one of our Study Abroad Programs is highly recommended. Please see our catalog for details.

Students seeking teacher certification must also take a teaching methods course. It is possible for a student to enroll in our programs without any language preparation in high school. We welcome non-traditional students.

Career Opportunities

Among the opportunities open to graduates in French are: 

  • Teaching - our schools need qualified language teachers. There are also interesting opportunities abroad for teachers with a background in French.
  • Translation / Interpretation
  • Editing / Proofreading
  • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
  • Foreign Service
  • International Organizations
  • Other International Careers 

The French Minor

The department of humanities offers a minor in French for students interested in combining a minor in a foreign language with other areas of study for the purpose of enhancing communication skills and career opportunities.  Likewise, apart from the intellectual development that results from the study of the French language, its literature, and its civilization, students may also find professional employment in international business, marketing, civil service, and teaching.

General Requirements

(24 credits required; 28 credits for French Education)

Requires 24 credits with a minimum of 8 credits selected from courses numbered 3000 or higher. For students interested in teaching, a total of 28 credits are required with a minimum of 12 credits numbered 3000 or higher.  Students interested in teaching are required to take a course in civilization. FL 4000 Teaching of Foreign Languages is an additional requirement of the School of Education.  Likewise, students interested in teaching must satisfy the language immersion requirement by enrolling in the Foreign Language Travel Abroad Seminar for at least two credits.  French minors must have a GPA no lower than 2.50 in French courses.

  • Fren 1040 Elementary French  4
  • Fren 1140 Elementary French  4
  • Fren 2040 Intermediate French  4
  • Fren 2140 Intermediate French  4
  • Fren 3000 Foreign Language Travel Abroad Seminar  1-4
  • Fren 3220 Advanced French Grammar and Composition  2
  • Fren 3240 Advanced French Conversation  2
  • Fren 3530 Topics in French Literature and Culture  1-3
  • Fren 4000 Teaching of Foreign Languages  2
  • Fren 4050 Supervised Independent Study  1-4
  • Fren 4060 Survey of French Literature and Culture I  3
  • Fren 4160 Survey of French Literature and Culture II  3

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