Foreign Language Placement Levels



Note: You may earn retroactive college credit for your
high school foreign language studies.

Your placement scores can help you earn retroative credits in foreign languages!  These credits may also count towards general education credit in humanities and international education.  If your language scores are high enough, you may even be more than half-way towards a minor in Spanish, French or German simply by earning retroactive credits!

In order to earn retroactive credit, enroll in a second-semester course or higher (based on your placement score), and complete that course with an earner grade of “A” or “B”. You will then receive, in addition to credits for the course completed, retroactive credits for the lower-level course or courses skipped.  For instance, if you place into Spanish 1940 and complete it with an “A” or “B," you will receive retroactive credit for Spanish 1840. 

Students with high proficiency may earn more retroactive credits as determined by the department.
For example, if your Spanish score is 53, you may enroll in Spanish 2840, Intermediate Spanish 1, which is a 4-credit class. Once you have completed that class with a  grade of “A” or “B”, you will receive 4 credits for that class, plus 8 credits for Spanish 1840 and 1940, for a total of 12 credits.  If you have a score of 54 (or if you are a native or near-native speaker and are given permission by the chair of Humanities), you may place into Spanish 2940 or a junior level course.  It is possible to earn up to 16 retroactive credits in a foreign language.



Foreign Language Placement Levels


 31  1040 Elementary French 1
 32  1140 Elementary French 2
 33  2040 Intermediate French 1
 34  2140 Intermediate French 2 and contact department for
possible 3000-4000 level course
 41  1240 Elementary German 1
 42  1340 Elementary German 2
 43  2240 Intermediate German 1
 44  2340 Intermediate German 2 and contact department
for possible 3000-4000 level course
 51  1840 Elementary Spanish 1
 52  1940 Elementary Spanish 2
 53  2840 Intermediate Spanish 1
 54  2940 Intermediate Spanish 2 and contact department
for possible 3000-4000 level course



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