Foreign Languages

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Fall 2016 French Course Offerings

Learning to Communicate

The study of foreign languages is primarily the study of communications at different levels within the Germanic, Francophone, and Hispanic cultures. And we now offer Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese as critical languages. Language and culture are inseparable, and through the foreign language and its many expressions (literature, civilization, music, etc.) our students learn to communicate fluently and within a cultural context. Students major in a foreign language for reasons that range from purely aesthetic interests to commercial or career-oriented interests.

Advantages at UW-Platteville

The UW-Platteville foreign languages program offers some striking advantages. Our students learn a foreign language in small conversation classes that immerse the student in the language and culture. Our language laboratory provides the students with modern electronic equipment which is a valuable aid in learning to speak and understand a foreign language. Our laboratory also serves as a library and it is open to students 30 hours a week. Very soon we shall add computerized and video lab stations to our current audio components.

Experienced Faculty

We have a qualified and experienced faculty who, through extensive travel abroad and contact with the culture, have first-hand knowledge of the subject matter along with the best academic preparation and credentials. Our faculty employ the most progressive teaching methods, and we offer study abroad programs and travel abroad seminars in which students travel to Europe, Central and South America, or other parts of the globe, while earning college credits.

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