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College of LAE Scholarships

Fine Arts

The following Fine Arts Scholarships are available to students with a major or minor in Fine Arts or a related field.  A student must have completed 1 semester on campus, be a full-time student and pursuing a degree on campus.  To apply for the scholarships below, complete the Continuing Student on-line application, which is due March 1st.
  • Art Department
    • Major in art 2.75+ GPA.
  • Bea Brecker Memorial (MUSIC)
    • Junior, Music major, performance contribution, academic achievement.
  • Bea Brecker Memorial (THEATRE)
    • Junior, performance contribution, participation in departmental activities, academic achievement.
  • Betty (Gray) Campbell Memorial
    • One must be majoring in one of the following areas: English/Language arts, speech, history, drama, or French. Must be enrolled in his/her sophomore, junior, or senior year with at least a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Bernard G. "Bunny" Dillion
    • Continuing students participating in two or more music performing organizations.
  • Gerald and Sarah Darrow & Joan Orvis Scholarship
    • A music student who is either a rising junior or senior. A music student who is an outstanding performer in either musical or voice.
  • Lois Kaiser-Genthe and William Schilling Scholarship
    • ​Must be pursuing an Art Education or Art degree.   Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Lyle & Ruth Olson Memorial Scholarship
    • Any major within the Fine Arts Department.
  • Porter Ellifrit
    • Music major, performance contribution, scholastic achievement.
  • Raymond G. Duewer Family Music
    • Recipient must continue membership in and have been (4 semesters min.) a member of University Singers, the Chamber Choir or UWP mixed choir, 3.0+ GPA, 60+ Credits, leadership qualities, good character.
  • Rosemary Clarke
    • Must be a talented music student wishing to pursue a career in music, a student with financial need, must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Scenes of UWP Scholarship
    • Student who is an Art major.
  • Thomas C. Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship
    • Must be pursuing a degree in Art or Art Education.
  • Thomas Hickey Musical Theater Performance
    • Awarded to a full-time student for an excellence student on stage performance in a regular academic year (Sept - May) UW-Platteville musical theatre production. Should demonstrate superior preparation, imagination and delivery of the stage role.
  • William J. Dennis Music
    • For students majoring in Music; performance contribution scholastic achievement and academic status are considered.
  • Ziegert Scholarship
    • Student must be currently enrolled pursuing a speech communication career with a GPA of 3.25 or higher and showing good character.  Financial need is a consideration.

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