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College of EMS Scholarships

Industrial Engineering

The following Industrial Engineering Scholarships are available to students with major or minor in Industrial Engineering or a related field.  A student must have completed 1 semester on campus, be a full-time student and pursuing a degree on campus.  To apply for the scholarships below, complete the Continuing Student on-line application, which is due March 1st.
  • Dr. Bala's GPA Award
    • Highest GPA student in each class.
  • Elizabeth Hageman Ananiadis
    • Industrial Engineering student with sophomore standing (30 credits) minimum overall average of 3.0, must file FAFSA (need based).
  • Huff Family Foundation Scholarship
    • Majoring in Industrial Engineering. Preference given in location sequence: first, Lancaster High School graduate, second, Grant County resident and third, state of Wisconsin resident. Grade level determined by selection committee.
  • Industrial Engineering Alumni
    • Industrial Engineering majors who have a strong participation in the IE Chapter.
  • Industrial Engineering Excellence
    • Must be an active member in the Institute of Industrial Engineers(IIE) or the Society of Manufacturing Engineers(SME).

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