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College of EMS Scholarships

Electrical Engineering

The following Electrical Engineering Scholarships are available to students with major or minor in Electrical Engineering or a related field.  A student must have completed 1 semester on campus, be a full-time student and pursuing a degree on campus.  To apply for the scholarships below, complete the Continuing Student on-line application, which is due March 1st.
  • American Transmission Company (ATC) Scholarship
    • Undergraduate student enrolled at UW-Platteville majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis on power and energy.  Preference to underrepresented students in the engineering field who are U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents.
  • Arthur J. Cooke Memorial
    • Juniors or Seniors majoring in EE, awarded on basis of merit, not need.
  • Electrical Engineering Alumni
    • EE majors who have completed 48 credit hrs, over all 2.75+ gpa, applicants must express and demonstrate an interest in alumni affairs
  • Electrical Engineering Commemorative
    • EE majors who have completed 48+ credit hours and have 2.75 or better gpa.
  • F. H. Russell Memorial
    • EE major with senior status at time of award, outstanding leadership potential, gpa of 2.75+
  • Gray Family Scholarship
    • The following family members make up the Gray Family Scholarship as established by Paul E. Gray. Joan Gray Marshall-"dedicated to my sister, Joan, who provided the love and support required to achieve the mental essence that sharpens the quality of my life." Janet Hodge Gray-"dedicated to my wife, Janet, who teaches me that love is a nonlinear, nth order differential equation and who continues to enhance the quality of my life." Olivia Haas-"dedicated to an outstanding teacher, Olivia Haas, who replaced my rawness of youth with insight, who taught me the love of learning, and who focused my desire to teach." EE major with 48+ credit hours over gpa of 2.85+, based on merit rather than need.
  • IEEE
    • Students majoring in EE who have completed at least 48 credit hours with an overall gpa of 2.75+
  • IEEE Student Chapter
    • Must be a member in good standing of the IEEE chapter in the year of application and the year of receipt of the award. Award is based on merit and service, not need.
  • Jill Pamperin and Miles Hill "Lab Rat" Scholarship
    • EE major, with minimum 12 credits in EE, demonstrated involvement in EE projects, spending significant time in the labs helping fellow students.
  • John Abraham Cleven
    • Juniors or Seniors majoring in EE with a 3.0+ gpa
  • Leon Charles Thevenin Scholarship
    • EE major with GPA of 3.0+, who demonstrates research potential for circuits.
  • Platteville Rotary (In honor of Arthur Cooke)
    • Students majoring in Electrical Engineering.

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