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College of BILSA Scholarships


The following Media Studies Scholarships are available to students with majors or minors in Media Studies or a related field.  A student must have completed 1 semester on campus, be a full-time student and pursuing a degree on campus.  To apply for the scholarships below, complete the Continuing Student on-line application, which is due March 1st.
  • Dr. George Smith WSUP Broadcasting Scholarship
    • One must be a WSUP staff member and in good academic standing. Must write a 600 word or less on “How their experience in radio will enhance their career options”.
  • Lucas Smith Memorial Scholarship
    • One must be a Radio/TV major and be in his/her junior class. The award shall be based on the student's academic performance, involvement in campus activities and financial need.
  • Paul Gauger Memorial Scholarship
    • One must be an active member of WSUP radio. The recipient shall have provided meritorious service to WSUP radio. One must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Philip Buchanan
    • Preparing for a career in print communications, involvement with student publications, academic achievement.
  • The Robert & Mary Bodden Memorial Scholarship
    • Must be a Junior or Senior majoring in Media Studies with a preference for a minor in broadcasting. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and from the Tri-State area. Preference given to a student who actively volunteers time for others

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