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College of BILSA Scholarships


The following Industrial Studies Scholarships are available to students with majors or minors in Industrial Studies or a related field.  A student must have completed 1 semester on campus, be a full-time student and pursuing a degree on campus.  To apply for the scholarships below, complete the Continuing Student on-line application, which is due March 1st.


  • Bernard and Eugene Fendt
    • Must be enrolled full-time in Industrial Studies. Selection will be based on character and motivation to succeed, not necessarily high academic standing.
  • Bill Bumgardner
    • Student pursuing a degree in technology education.
  • Conlon Construction Scholarship
    • Must be a BCM major with preference given to students entering his/her junior year having attainted 60 credits or more. Must have an overall 3.0 GPA and a 3.25 GPA within the major courses taken. Must be an active member of the UW-Platteville student chapter of the Construction Management Association. Financial need is a factor in determining recipient.
  • Dr. Roger Hoover Industrial Technology Scholarship
    • Must major in Industrial Technology.
  • DuWayne H. Stuelke Scholarship
    • Recipient shall have at least a sophomore standing in the ITM/Building Construction Management major. Applicants must have at least a 2.75 GPA in the ITM/Building Construction Management major. Must be an active member of UW-Platteville's Construction Management Association (CMA) student chapter. Applicants must demonstrate strong desire to achieve a career in the building construction profession. Financial need shall be a factor in the selection.
  • Hans F. Seuthe
    • Major in industrial technology management or minoring in plastics processing technology. Must have junior status (60+ credits) by next fall. Overall GPA of 2.75. Preference will be giving to students interested in pursuing a career in a plastics related industry.
  • Harold and Muriel Enke Memorial
    • One for major in technology education and one for major in ITM/Building Construction Management. 45+ credits, scholastic achievement, campus activities. Selected by Industrial Studies faculty. No application required.
  • Howard & Cathie Brooks
    • Major must be in Manufacturing Technology, GPA at least a 2.75, preference given to students who have completed an internship or have job experience in the field of MTM.
  • Industrial Technology Alumni
    • Senior industrial technology management majors. Academic achievement and extracurricular activities given equal consideration.
  • J.J. Keller Foundation Professional Safety
    • Majoring in Occupational Safety Management, maintain a 2.5 GPA or greater, completed 60 or more credits toward degree and demonstrated leadership qualities in club such as Leadership in the American Society of Safety Engineers or similar organizations.
  • Kevin Kraemer Family Scholarship
    • Student must be majoring in Building Construction Management, earned at least 60 credits and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Philip O. Mork
    • Must be enrolled in the Building Construction Management Program.
  • Roger Hauser(Safety) Scholarship
    • Must have declared a major in Industrial Studies, completed 60 credits toward degree, minimum GPA of 2.5 and preference given to students who are majoring in Occupational Safety Management.
  • Virgil & Helen Prine
    • Must be a Technology Education major, minimum GPA of 3.0 and must demonstrate financial need.
  • Virgil R. Pufahl Scholarship
    • Recipient shall be enrolled as a Technology Education major with leadership, participation in graphic communication activities and show financial need.
  • William F. Schilling Scholarship
    • Must be majoring in Manufacturing Technology or Technology Education.

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