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new freshman scholarships

College Of EMs

The following NFS from the College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science are for incoming freshman. The application deadline is February 1.
  • Alice Keegan Memorial Scholarship for Riverdale High School
    • Must have graduated from Riverdale High School in WI.  First preference to Chemistry majors.  Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Clark-Dietz Scholarship
    • Freshmen students from under-represented groups within the Tri-State Region who wish to major in engineering - preferably Civil and Environmental engineering for the goal of workforce diversification.
  • D. Joanne Wilson Women in Engineering Math & Science Scholarship
    • Freshman or Transfer student with an appreciation for (majoring in an area) Engineering, Mathematic and Science. Must display outstanding leadership, excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • EMS FIRST Robotics Scholarship
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Student must be an active member of FRC or FTC team for at least the last two years.  Student needs to provide a letter of recommendation from the team lead mentor and provide a synopsis of their involvement with their FIRST Robotics team with an interest to participate as a team mentor.  For more information please visit the following links:

       Here is where all the scholarships are posted:

  • Fredric W. Tufte Scholarship
    • Incoming freshman majoring in mathematics. Preference will be given to sons and daughters of Wisconsin school teachers.
  • George Bullis Scholarship
    • New freshman who is majoring in mathematics.  Financial need is not a consideration.
  • Jennie L. and Orlyn P. Edge
    • Incoming freshman majoring in mathematics. Recipients must be enrolled in a mathematics course at or above the level of calculus. Need is not a consideration for this award.
  • Jewell Associates Engineers, Inc. Scholarship
    • ​Must be new freshman from River Valley (WI) High School or from Dodgeville (WI) High School pursuing a degree in any engineering field.
  • Norman Powers
    • Platteville High School graduate majoring in engineering. Based on scholastic achievement, leadership qualities, and scholastic achievement; 4.0 gpa or close to a 4.0.
  • Olson/Fedak Civil Engineering Scholarship
    • Majoring in Civil/Environmental Engineering, minimum of 3.0 GPA and must be active in extracurricular activities and/or community involvement.Preference given to students that express interest in water and the environment.
  • Presto Foundation Engineering Scholarship
    • Incoming freshman that is pursuing a degree in one of the following majors: Electrical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Recipient must have cumulative GPA of 3.2 with an 3.7 in all sciences and math courses completed. Must demonstrate engineering aptitude through work or hobby-related activities. Must be a U.S. citizen and full-time student. May be renewable for four years.
  • Ralph and Margaret Henry Scholarship
    • Must be a freshman majoring in engineering and demonstrate financial need. Preference given to student(s) from Mt. Hope, WI or from River Ridge High School, WI.
  • Roy and Gloria Bernard Scholarship
    • Must be a graduate from Tomahawk High School majoring in engineering. Must demonstrate financial need.
  • The Professor Theodore Voth Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics
    • New freshman majoring in mathematics with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Financial need will be considered.
  • Unison Solutions Scholarship
    • Student must be from Dubuque, IA or from the tri-state area majoring in engineering or sustainable and renewable energy systems.
  • William A. and Jean C. Sanders
    • Is awarded to entering freshman majoring in mathematics. Recipients must be enrolled in a mathematics course at or above the level of calculus. Need is used only as a final, deciding factor.
  • William D. Kent
    • Incoming freshman pursuing degrees in engineering; demonstration of financial need (FAFSA required); academic good standing with a minimum gpa of 2.0.
  • William Eiler
    • Incoming freshman majoring in any engineering program.

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