About the Job Board

Policy on Posting to the Online Job Board

This policy shall regulate the manner in which postings may be placed on the Online Job Board at the UW-Platteville. The purpose of the online Job Board is to provide a campus resource as a courtesy to those UW-Platteville students who may be interested in work study or regular employment opportunities.  Job announcements should be associated with a legitimate, educational benefit and/or employment opportunity for UW-Platteville students.  Use of the Online Job Board is considered a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked at any time without notice or reason.

Process for Posting Request

Anyone who is interested in posting a job listing shall submit the posting announcement which shall include, at minimum, the employer’s contact information, basic job description, pay rate and effective date of hire (if applicable) through the online Job Board website.  Each submission shall be reviewed by the Student Employment Coordinator or other member of the Financial Aid Office.  The Student Employment Coordinator (or his/her designee) may reject any listing at its sole discretion based upon the best interests of the University and its student population.  Upon a full review of the requested job posting, if the Student Employment Coordinator deems the posting an appropriate and valid use of the Online Job Board, the posting will be placed on the online Job Board for a period of three months.  If a job is filled, the employer shall notify the Student Employment Coordinator so that the posted may be removed.

Rules of Use

The following rules shall apply to the Use of the Online Job Board:

  • Employers and posting(s) shall comply with this policy, University rules and regulations, state and federal laws.
  • A posting that involved in whole or in part an illegal or unethical solicitation (or are reasonably deemed to be inappropriate in nature) of work, services or tasks is prohibited.
  • Misuse of this Job Board will not be tolerated.
  • Any complaints received regarding a posting may result in the immediate removal of the posting until further notice. 
  • Any complaint or concern raised by an individual regarding a posting, work request or employer may lead to the removal of said posting(s) and the prohibition of any other postings from such employer.
  • UW-Platteville retains and reserves it discretionary and sole right to accept, remove or decline any posting.

For further information in regard to the use of the Online Job board, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator, Kim Knebel, in the Financial Aid Office at UW-Platteville.

Policy Update 11/12/2013

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