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The Faculty Senate represents all faculty at Platteville through the process of shared governance.   The Senate is comprised of faculty who are elected from each college and shall represent and be responsible to the general faculty.  They shall serve as the highest campus forum within which faculty can participate in the formulation of general university missions, strategies, and policies.

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty handbook provides a collection of policies, regulations, practices, and procedures, teaching policies, and Faculty Governance information and is maintained by the Governance Office.   

Faculty Handbook

General Faculty

General Faculty Meetings

Regular meetings of the General Faculty will be held (1) August - Beginning of the academic year (2) January - Beginning of spring semester.  Attendance is a professional obligation and faculty have the right to speak and vote at these meetings. 

Emergency meetings may be called at the discretion of the Faculty Senate executive committee. 

General Faculty Agenda and Minutes