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What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is generated from precipitation events and snow/ice melt. This precipitation runs off surfaces (impervious and pervious) such as: rooftops, paved streets, parking lots, lawns, etc. Three things can happen to stormwater. First, stormwater can infiltrate into the soil. Second, the water can run off and collect in the stormwater sewer system. The third thing that can happen to stormwater is that it can be held as surface water and evaporate.

What happens to UW-platteville's stormwater?

UW-Platteville's stormwater flows by curb and gutter into various storm drains located in streets and parking lots. It is then carried by an underground network of pipes that eventually drain into the Rountree Branch and Little Platte River. If stormwater is left untreated, any pollutants and debris that enter the storm drain will end up in surface water. UW-Platteville treats most of its stormwater with Best Management Practices, such as retention ponds, before the water enters receiving streams. Click the link to learn more about stormwater treatment.

Why is it important to protect stormwater?

It is important to keep stormwater as clean as possible because it eventually ends up as surface water (streams, lakes, rivers, etc.). Surface water not only provides habitat for wildlife and flora, it also provides us with fresh drinking water. Investing time and effort to keep stormwater as clean as possible before it reaches the stormwater system means less treatment will be required to provide a healthy habitat for wildlife and supplying humans with drinking water. Click here to learn about ways you can help protect stormwater.

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