Central Stores / Central Receiving

UW-Platteville's Central Receiving department functions as the central point on campus for receiving and shipping of all freight and packages for university staff. We are located in the Giese Facilities Management Building on the west end of campus, opposite the drive to Memorial Park.

We have a new online form to accompany all UPS shipments to our area. There must be an authorized signature on the form. The form will be returned to your office with the date of shipment and cost. A tracking number can be included if requested.

Central Stores functions as the warehouse point for custodial supplies and some office supplies.

We have limited storage space, so most office supplies are ordered through this office from MDS/Staples. Go to the website and click on the "Been Here" link, then on the next page, under Guest Account, click on the "Click Here" link. You can then proceed to find the item(s) you want, and fill out your requisition as usual.

Three-part Stores Requisition forms are available from this office. They are to be filled out for all purchases from Central Stores. They must be signed by an authorized signator (per the Master Chart of Accounts) before the order will be filled. If no authorized signature is on the order, the form will be returned to your office for correction.

If faxed, please do not send the original order form as well, as this will cause a duplication of the order. When your order is received from Central Stores, please sign and return the white copy to Central Stores.

The Central Stores catalog is no longer being distributed in print form. There is now an online version.

Facilities: Updates

  • Last Date to receive orders for FY15 is June 10.
  • Central Stores will be closed for inventory June 10 - 17, 2015.

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