K-12 Contests and Competitions

To highlight the excitement and challenges of engineering, mathematics, and science, the Expo event organizes several contests and competitions for K-12 student participants. In most cases, an entry form and fee is required to participate and students must spend time prior to Expo day preparing for the contests. For more information, including guidelines and regulations, visit the links below.

Model Bridge Contest

Contestants will design and construct a two-dimensional bridge structure capable of spanning 19 inches. Each bridge must be made of UW-Platteville-supplied balsa wood ($7.00) and meet required specifications. Bridges will be tested to determine load-carrying capacity by adding weight to the point of breaking. The bridge that demonstrates the highest load-carrying capacity per unit weight is the winner.

2017 Complete Rules
2017 Bridge Specifications
Bridge Kit Order Form

Thank you to all the schools and individuals who participated in the model bridge competition at the 2016 Expo! The final results are available to download below. 

Pioneer 600 Car Race

The Pioneer 600 is a contest for high school students. Each contestant constructs and races a battery-powered car. Each car must utilize a UW-Platteville-supplied kit ($8.00) and meet required specifications. The car that travels 20 feet (600 cm) in the least amount of time is the winner! Prizes are awarded for first, second, and third place. Awards are also given for most innovative deign and best-looking car.

2017 Complete Rules
2017 Car Kit Order Form 

smart solutions Competition

New for 2017! Create a smart device to solve a daily problem. Try developing a cool design (a creative process or product), a poke yoke device (a creative economic solution), a Rube Goldberg contraption, or an improvement upon an existing process or product.

2017 Complete Rules & Information
2017 Competition Registration Form


Engineering Physics Zip Line Challenge

Create a self-powered system that conveys a motor, battery, and switch combo across a zip line. The team whose system crosses the 15-meter zip line in the shortest amount of time wins! Prizes are awarded for fastest time and most creative design. Each competing team must utilize a UW-Platteville-supplied motor ($2.00) in their design. To order a motor kit, please contact Liz Holden at holdene@uwplatt.edu.

2017 Complete Rules
2017 Entry Form


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