Event Policies

Event Reservations follows these policies in order to maximize use of university facilities. Additional policies, such as UWS Chapter 18: Conduct on University Lands, may apply to groups requesting use of university facilities. Event Reservations staff will assist in determining which policies apply.

University System Policies

UWS Chapter 21: Use of University Facilities

Note: UW-Platteville's Implementation Procedures for UWS Chapter 21 can be found in the Delegation of Authority document under the Administrative Services page.

Advance Scheduling policy

Requests for facility use for events at university facilities will be taken no earlier than two years prior to the event date for university departments and organizations, and no earlier than eighteen months prior to the event date for Non-university organizations and individual users.

The following list of events; critical to the continuation of the university and/or traditional to a college campus are not restricted to the two year policy.

Critical to the continuation of the university:

  • Pioneer Preview
  • Paths to Platteville
  • Tri-State Initiative Day(s)
  • Student Shadow Day(s)
  • New Student Registration
  • New Student Orientation
  • Career Fair
  • Commencement

Traditional to a college campus:

  • Homecoming events
  • Family Weekend

Note: Due to state and university offices being closed on legal holidays, University facilities may not be available for use on those dates.

Responsible Use

The group listed on the event confirmation sheet is responsible for all charges and fees. The group is also respobsible for all damages caused by its members or by anyone attending the event. A $25.00 administrative fee may be added to damage charges. If an organization falsifies reservation information, their reservation privileges will be revoked.

  • No reservation will be confirmed until the appropriate account number, deposit, and/or purchase order and authorization are obtained.
  • Deposits and prepayment of estimated charges are required for non-university groups.
  • Estimated charges will include equipment, labor, outside rental, taxes, and facility rental costs. Estimates are based upon information provided at the time of the reservation request. Actual charges may differ.
  • University groups that are charging a fee for an event, or are being reimbursed for facility use will be charged room rental fees.
  • Past due invoices must be paid in full before future events may be held.
  • All charges are subject to state and local taxes, if applicable.


Groups no longer needing space they have reserved are responsible for canceling their reservations in a timely manner.

  • University groups failing to cancel facility use twice during a semester will lose facility use privileges and will be responsible for any room rentals and incurred charges, if applicable.
  • Non-university groups failing to cancel space are responsible for room rentals and any incurred charges. Groups will forfeit all room deposits as well.
  • A $25.00 no-show fee is charged to all groups failing to cancel their reservation.

Class Use of Student Centers Facilities

As per the UW-Platteville Implementation Plan for UWS Chapter 21, UW-Platteville classes may only use student center facilities for special events, such as poster presentations and senior design presentations, not conducted on a regularly scheduled basis within the student center or its satellite operations.

Political Campaign Activities

Political campaign involvement is strictly regulated on University of Wisconsin campuses. The University of Wisconsin System provides guidelines on the use of campus resources for Political Campaign Activities including Guidance for UW Employees, Guidance for UW Students and Recognized Student Groups, and Political Activity on Campus.  Please note; state law strictly prohibits the use of state-owned buildings for political fundraising.

Extended Hours

Requests for use of facilities beyond established hours of operation are made through the Event Reservations at least ten (10) business days in advance. Approval is subject to staff availability. The contact organization will be responsible for additional cost and charges resulting from extended hours use.


Due to the university’s policy concerning health licensing restrictions, University Dining Services has exclusive rights to provide food services at UW-Platteville.

Student organizations may provide prepackaged food items for meetings and events that have a value of $50 or less in the Markee Pioneer Student Center, with prior approval from the director of Dining Services.
Further exceptions of University Dining Services policies should be directed to the director of Dining Services.
The Student Centers Self Catering policy is available under the Details to Know.

Alcohol Service at Events

Under the authority of the UW System Chapter 18.09(1) and the conditions described in the UW-Platteville General Policies Alcohol Policy, groups may request to have alcohol service as part of their events.

Ticketed Events

Groups are asked to use the University Box Office services for their ticketed events. In the Center for the Arts and Ullsvik Hall, customers are required to use the University Box Office.


UW-Platteville provides parking on university property and enforces parking regulations through the University Police Department. In order to provide parking for public events, arrangements must be made to allow visitors to park in university lots. Parking should be requested with Event Reservations when requesting facility use.

Parking along Main Street and Hickory Street, adjacent to Ullsvik Hall, is administered by the City of Platteville and enforced by the Platteville Police Department. In order to provide exclusive parking or to request parking restrictions, such as load zone only, on those streets, arrangements must be made with the City of Platteville.

Event Security

Event Services may require uniformed police officers and/or student security to be present for certain events. University Police assist in creating a safe and responsible environment for guests to enjoy.

  • For high profile or high risk events, a safety assessment worksheet will be completed.
  • The group is responsible for all costs associated with required event security, and the costs will be billed as part of the event cost.
  • Arrangements for event security may be discussed with Event Reservations during the planning process of the event.

Fund Raising and Solicitation

To insure a welcoming environment for the campus community and guests, fund raising and soliciting are restricted to specific locations.

  • Distribution, solicitation, or fundraising will not be allowed outside of the designated space.
  • Fund raising and/or solicitation for donations by student organizations requires advance approval from the Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC).
  • Additional policies may apply, such as the Student Center contact tables policy.

Rights Reserved

Event Reservations, a unit of Event Services, reserves the following:

The right to change room reservations in order to maximize use of our facilities for our customers.
The right to cancel or alter any reservation that conflicts with the policies and educational mission of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
The right to deny service to groups that have violated State of Wisconsin, Board of Regents, or UW-Platteville policies.

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