Meet the Pioneer Launch Lab Coordinator

Josh Inglett

Josh is a senior studying engineering physics. Josh has been a member of the Piomeer Launch Lab since 2012 and is very happy to step in and help as co-coordinator. Josh's entrepreneurial experiences include starting a contract manufacturing business and software startup. He is also the recipient of the Ideadvance grant and competed in the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament. In addition, he has worked at UTC Aerospace Systems as an EM engineer, Martin Automatic as a mechanical engineer, and is the SA of Southwest Hall on campus. After graduation, Josh will be pursuing a Master's of Finance. Josh is knowledgeable about the lean startup methodology, software development, management, manufacturing, and venture capital.

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Josh Dust

Hi there everyone. I am an electrical engineering student emphasizing in power and energy and control systems I am also minoring in entrepreneurship. I have been a part of the Launch Lab since 2013 when I was introduced to the entrepreneurship program through the elevator pitch competition here on campus. I have competed in three elevator pitches and have placed second in all and I have also competed in the business model canvas completion and placed first. From there I really started to get involved by applying and receiving the Ideadvance grant to further my product I presented on at the business model canvas completion. Since then I have pursued two other product ideas and I am currently working through the canvas on those ideas. Through this whole process I am knowledgeable of the business model canvas, lean start up, manufacturing process and management.

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