Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Brad Biddick is a visiting CEO/Entrepreneur & member of the Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Entrepreneurship Education & the Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Entrepreneurship education at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville features a three-part strategy:

• Curriculum minor (introduced in 2013)
• Events and competitions
• Student hatchery (which includes the Pioneer Launch Lab)
All three parts have been launched to varying degrees.  It is now time to transition to a new level of sustainable programming.  With that in mind, we have merged various subgroups into a single more formalized Roundtable. 

There are three components to the commitment and role as a member of the Roundtable:

1. Communications
Communicate awareness and understanding of UW-Platteville’s Entrepreneurship Education programs to your network of businesses, organizations, and people.
2. Feedback
Provide opinion and advice to the UW-Platteville Entrepreneurship Steering Committee, PACCE, and Business and Accounting on strategy, operations, fund-raising, etc.
3. Involvement
Be involved in a minimum of one activity with students each year.  Options include being a business competition coach, a student mentor, competition judge, classroom guest speaker, or a CEO club or Launch Lab workshop presenter. 

Membership is for four years with one-fourth of the membership rolling off each year.  Unless there is significant need, one face-to-face meeting is planned each year.  Semi-annual written progress reports will be provided at the end of each academic semester. 

Entrepreneurship Roundtable members for the 2013/14 academic year are listed here.

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