Dawn Freese


Dawn Freese is a double alumna of the University of Wisconsin–Platteville, graduating with a B.S. in Psychology in 1981 and a B.A. in Literature in 2007.  She earned her master’s degree in English and American Literature at Marquette University.  While at Marquette, she studied Theory of Rhetoric and Composition while completing a full year of training with their award winning First Year English Program (winner of the 2006 CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence).  Ms. Freese worked as a research assistant during her first year of graduate school and taught rhetoric and composition classes to college freshmen in her second year at Marquette. 

Ms. Freese believes that all good writers rethink and rewrite their work many times before submitting it for a grade or publication.  Rethinking and rewriting go far beyond proofreading for sentence level errors, so her teaching focus includes training in how to read work critically and strategies for rewriting, as well as requiring students to write multiple drafts of each assignment. 

Ms. Freese focuses her research on strategies for improvement of sentence level mechanics and grammar in freshmen writing.  She believes the sentence is the essence of good writing.  Accordingly, she is researching the impact of requiring students who struggle with sentence level mechanics to see her for help before giving full credit for the assignment.  So far her research indicates that students do better with sentence level issues when they are given individual help and there is an explicit expectation for them to perform at a higher level in that area.  

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Office: 312 Warner Hall
Tel: 608.342.1920
E-mail: freesed@uwplatt.edu

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