Class Rotations


Every Fall

 1040  Studio College Writing
 1130  College Writing I
 1230  College Writing II
 2100  Thematic Studies in Literature
 2120  Introduction to Creative Writing
 2130  British Literature I
 2210  Introduction to Linguistics
 2250  Introduction to Film

 American Literature

through the Civil War

 2640  World Literature I
 2830  Survey of Women Writers

Introduction to Ethnic American Literature

 3000  Technical Writing
 3150  Fiction Writing
 3260  Language and Culture
 3280  Gay and Lesbian Literature
 3360  Writing/Editing/Publishing across Multiple Media
 3730  Black Literature in America
 3940  Grammar in Context
 3930  Literature for Young Adults

 Studies in Genre



Odd Year Fall

 2490  Gender in Film


Even Year Fall

 2480  Race & Ethnicity in Film
 2830  Survey of Women Writers
 4120  Advanced Manuscript Workshop
 4670  Methods of TESOL


 1330  Introduction to Literature
 2040  Basic Newswriting & Reporting
 3110  Gay and Lesbian Literature for Young Adults
 3230#  English Novel and Short Story
 3370#  Renaissance Literature
 3440#  19th Century British Literature
 3540#  20th/21st Century British Literature
 3740  Asian American Literature 
 3760  Wisconsin Indian Literature
 3890  Film and Literature
 3990  Topics in Writing
 4020  History and Theory of Rhetoric
 4100/4110/4130  Studies in Genre (Poetry/Fiction/Drama)
 4500  Goddess, Witch, Sybil:  Women & Mythology
 4550  Studies in World Literature



Every Spring

 1040  Studio College Writing
 1130  College Writing I
 1230  College Writing II
 2100  Thematic Studies in Literature
 2120  Introduction to Creative Writing
2150 Introduction to Gay Studies
 2330  British Literature II
 2530  American Literature since the Civil War
 2650  World Literature II
 2770  International Cinema

 Introduction to Ethnic American Literature

 3000  Technical Writing
 3030  Teaching of Composition
 3140  Poetry Writing
 3250  Sociolinguistics
 4330  Shakespeare

 Teaching of English in the

Middle and Secondary Schools


Even Year Spring

 3610  Second Language Acquisition
 3750    American Literature of Ethnicity
 4550  Studies in World Literature
 4780  Advanced Topics in Film Studies


Odd Year Spring

 2470  American Humor
 3160  Creative Non-Fiction
 3850  Contemporary Global Literature/Empire
 4620  History of the English Language
 4740  Practicum in TESOL

* Please note that course rotations are tentative, and subject to change.  Please contact the English Department if you have any questions.

# One of these upper-level British literature courses will be offered every fall semester.

* EDUCATION Majors: All yellow highlighted courses count as "Literature Courses."

* ENGLISH Majors:

         - All yellow-highlighted courses count as "Literature Courses."
          (except for English 1330 - Intro to Literature)

        - All green-highlighted courses count as "Writing Courses."

        - All blue-highlighted courses count as "Language Courses."


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