Student being advised

Faculty advisors are a crucial component to UW-Platteville's personal approach to education. Each student meets with their faculty advisor prior to registration for the following semester, helping to ensure students are taking the proper classes for their major/minor requirements. Faculty advisors are aware of changes being made to curriculum and can help answer questions on general education requirements as well as major/minor requirements. They also offer advice on career paths, and encourage students to participate in campus events, and professional organizations.  

Students need to do their part, too—they should arrive to meetings prepared with a suggested schedule of classes. This makes sure that students are invested in their own education, choose their electives, and gives them a say in their immediate future.  

Course rotation lists and major/minor checklists, in conjunction with the course catalog, help keep advisors and students on the same page, particularly as new courses are added, and older courses undergo changes.